Danny Style 2 Plug Lip


The 2nd in our new line of high quality affordable stainless steel lips is the Danny Style 2 plug lip.  It is made from 0.020" thick #304 stainless steel with a generous 0.944" width, 0.575" height, and 1.5" length.  Although specifically made for the 2 oz. Danny style, it will easily swim a plug up to 3 oz. such as our Big Lip Swimmer 3. Exclusive only to Diamond Tackle is the 2 hole design giving you a choice of through wire positions.  The top hole (located 0.175" from the top) is used for the Danny Style while the lower hole (located 0.310" from the top) is for the Big Lip Swimmer.

We know you'll find all kinds of uses for these versatile lips, and look forward to seeing some pictures of the custom plugs you guys have been churning out!

These lips are manufactured to the highest quality and tolerance standard Diamond Tackle is known for.  Since they are stamped and pressed into shape (not bent by hand), the lips are all exactly alike.  This quality control ensures your plugs swim exactly the same from one batch to the next.

Unlike some very inferior copies on the market Diamond Tackle Lips are HIGHLY POLISHED TO ELIMINATE ALL BURRS which can and will cut your line.  Nothing worse than losing a custom made plug because of a razor edge burr.  When you choose Diamond Tackle you choose quality and your finished product will clearly reflect it.  Compare them and see for yourself.

Diamond Tackle