Eel Skin Lead Jig Unpainted


Eel skin jigs have been a well kept secret among the trophy striper fraternity for a number of years.  They are especially effective in places like the Cape Cod canal or anywhere with a strong current.  Very easy to rig using either dacron or even a thin plastic tie strap.  Once rigged these can be stored indefinitely in a heavy kosher salt brine.

To skin an eel, simply nail thru the head onto a tree or board.  With a razor blade, cut around behind the head and peel skin with a pair of pliers.

Ordering Info: Picture shows eel skin jig with Mustad #9510X3T SIZE 6/0 hook.  Specify hook style & eye color when ordering.
Hook Style: Select hook style when ordering
Weight: 2.25 oz. each

Diamond Tackle