Goo-Goo Eye 4 Style Plug Kit Thru Wire


This is a LARGE Goo-Goo Eye style swimmer with a substantial 1.3" wide A-40 Lip. It finishes at just over 4 oz. - it's a Big-un!

Goo Goo eye plugs can be cast with conventional gear or trolled. At 8 1/8" long and 1.3125" wide it throws quit a wake before it dips down below the surface. This plug should run about 2 feet below the surface depending on the rate of retrieve.

The plug body is spun from very durable Rock Maple. The lip slot is precision cut. All grommet, weight, and wire through holes properly drilled. The finish is extremely smooth with no need to sand. Just seal, prime and paint!

Body Size: 8 1/8" L x 1 5/16" W
Weight: (est. finished) 4 oz. each

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