Danny 2 Style Plug Kit


The Danny Style 2 surface swimmer is 6" long x 1.270" wide.  It finishes at approximately 2 oz. total weight. A classic swimmer, the Danny pivots from a center fulcrum dead center of its body. This plug is very productive when larger baitfish are present. Big bass will literally commit suicide on Danny swimmers!

Our Danny Style body is available in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Basswood, Port Orford Cedar and Western Red Cedar.  Red cedar doesn't need to be sealed before painting, but is suggested for a long lasting finish. I have many Danny style swimmers that literally have no paint left on their bodies yet still catch some large.

Kit includes everything shown, including the body drilled for grommets and thru wire, wire, nickel plated belly & tail grommets, belly & tail weights, swivels and the Danny Style 2 lip.

This is a great way to break into plug building.  These kits are perfect for both the novice and pro plug builder.  No need to purchase expensive machinery that takes up valuable shop/garage space.  Great for the do-it-yourselfer that lacks the needed space for a full blown wood shop.

This kit does not come with hooks.  We recommend either the VMC #9626PS or Mustad #35517 size 2/0.

Body Size: 6" L x 1 1/4" W
Weight: (est. finished) 2 oz. each

Diamond Tackle
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