Torpedo Style #2 Swimmer Plug Kit


This Torpedo style plug is a very balanced and symmetric plug that pivots on its mid-point giving a very fluid like S-Pattern swimming action.  It’s a medium shallow swimmer that produces under all conditions: calm, slow moving and fast water.  Just as the original, it’s manufactured from northern white pine and is 6” long and weighs 2 oz.  Finish this one off with a dressed siwash bucktail hook and size 2/0 treble belly hooks.

Kit includes everything shown, including the body drilled for thru wire and grommets, wire, nickel plated belly & tail grommets, belly weight, swivels and the Lefty #2 Style lip (same lip used on this no longer made classic).

This is a great way to break into plug building.  These kits are perfect for both the novice and pro plug builder.  No need to purchase expensive machinery that takes up valuable shop/garage space.  Great for the do-it-yourselfer that lacks the needed space for a full blown wood shop.

This kit does not come with hooks.  We recommend either the VMC #9626PS or Mustad #35517 size 2/0.

Body Size: 6" L x 1 1/4" W
Weight: (est. finished) 2 oz. each

Diamond Tackle
Wood Selection:
Alaskan Yellow Cedar