Rosco 802 Black Barrel Swivel Size #4/0

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Rosco barrel swivels are all American made in their factory in Rome, New York. The very best crane swivel available anywhere. Larger than the 2/0 at 350 Lb Test and guess what , this is the BIGGEST SIZE Swivel we sell .. .. PLEASE SEE THE SIZE CHART IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.. Remember the 2/0 is smaller, and the 4/0 is BIGGEST ... again Please see Size Chart... Hopefully this clears it all up for some of the people who seem to have an issue with this no matter how many times it is explained and how many CHARTS are Posted as LINKS .... thank you for your time.

Size: #4/0
Manufacturer: Rosco Products

Size Approximate Test
#12 15 lbs
#10 30 lbs
#7 75 lbs
#5 90 lbs
#3 100 lbs
#1 150 lbs
#1/0 175 lbs
#2/0 225 lbs
#4/0 350 lbs
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